FMA's Executive Board

FMA officers are elected on a yearly basis to influence the direction of the organization and run day-to-day operations. 

Feel free to reach out to any E-Board member with questions.

FMA E-Board Picture, Tammy.PNG


Tammy Tran

Sophomore, Finance

FMA E-Board Picture, Colby.PNG

Vice President

Colby Klemish

Junior, Finance

FMA E-Board, Frank.PNG

Director, Coordinating

Frank Wonderly

Sophomore, Finance and Accounting

FMA E-Board Picture, Bodie.PNG

Secretary, Treasurer

Bodie murray

Sophomore, Finance

FMA E-Board Picture, Vivian.PNG

Director, Operations

Vivian Chen

Freshman, Finance

FMA E-Board Picture, Patrick.PNG
FMA E-Board, Spencer.PNG

Director, Technology

Patrick Keller

Freshman, Finance

Director, Recruiting

Spencer Wood

Sophomore, Finance

FMA E-Board Picture, Jacob.PNG
FMA E-Board, Lukas.PNG

Director, communications

Jacob Robinson

Freshman, Finance

Director, Investment

Lukas Stogsdill

Junior, Engineering & Economics