Why Should I apply for a Finance Internship?

The careers in the financial sector are always expanding. A recent article by CNBC named “Accounting/Finance” as a field in its top ten ‘most in-demand jobs’. In addition, employees in finance help companies manage their top priority, so they usually have one of the highest average salaries of all job arenas. A finance internship offers an incredible opportunity to gain real-world experience in the high-stakes finance industry.

when Should I start applying for internships?

Freshman year

Your first semester is going to be a period of transition, so you might not want to pursue an internship so soon. However, you can start by going over to the campus career center and finding out what internships are available to you as a second semester freshmen or during the summer of your freshmen year.  You can make an appointment with the W.P Carey Career Center for a one-on-one advising meeting with a career coach.

-Click here for the Career Center's website

For the second semester of your freshman year, you might look into a virtual internship that you can perform at a computer without leaving your room.  Educate yourself about all the new internships available by frequently checking with your career center. In the mean time, you’ll want to get involved with an organization like FMA and begin to relate course material to real world experience.   

-For more opportunities, please visit:…/arizona…/finance-association/

Sophomore year

By this time, you should be well adjusted to your college lifestyle and ready to take on an internship for real world experience in your field of interest. If you were not able to work an internship after your Freshman year, your Sophomore year will be the perfect time to get your first internship experience! Although most employers prefer to hire Juniors and Seniors, almost every company will still consider Sophomores for their internship programs. Even if you are not offered any positions, applying for internships during your Sophomore year is the best way to prepare you for your Junior and Senior years, where having an internship is a must.