2019 NYC FMA International Finance Leaders Conference

Spend Spring Break in the financial capital in the world with FMA at ASU!  We (along with FMA International) have lined up exclusive tours, engaging workshops, and an all-inclusive trip package for an extremely fair price. 

How travel works with FMa at asu

FMA at ASU in Chicago for the 2016 conference

FMA at ASU in Chicago for the 2016 conference

  • FMA International hosts the International Conference and gives chapters such as FMA at ASU a limited number of spots for members to attend

  • Paid members pay a flat fee of $500 to attend the conference, including a non-refundable deposit of $165. The trip price includes all of the following:

    • Round Trip Flight

    • 3 Nights in a Hotel

    • Conference Registration

    • 1 Chapter Dinner

    • 1 Breakfast at the Conference

    • 2 Lunches at the Conference

  • Note that members are responsible for paying for checked bags at the airports, meals other than those listed above, and any other activities not included in the conference agenda listed below.

  • The FMA at ASU chapter will travel, room, and generally stay together for the majority of the trip. However, members are more than welcome to customize their schedules to include more/fewer activities.

  • FMA at ASU can accommodate non-standard travel schedules by adjusting the trip price as necessary. Be sure to mention such circumstances on the registration form below. Some situations where this is applicable could include:

    • Staying longer/shorter in the city of the conference

    • Flying in/out of a different airport than the rest of the ASU chapter

    • Requiring an alternate form of transportation than the local subway